Saturday, December 3, 2011

Aleksa Nicole And Lexi Swallow

Aleksa Nicole fans... remember those scenes I've done with Lexi Swallow? Well, let's just say some sparks flew during those scenes... and we ran off to catch fire, just the two of us. Wait until you see me going after her pussy with my toys... she is soaking wet from beginning to end of that. Then she turns the tables on me, and after that, we just grind against each other until we can't cum any more!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Aleksa Nicole And Lexi Swallow Share A Cock

Lexi Swallow joins me, Aleksa Nicole, to go wild on a shaved cock. This is a 32 minute threesome. It starts with a lot of nut and dick sucking and licking, and I can tell you this much... we ladies were in charge for a while after that! Lexi and I took our turns on his dick after that, until he decided he wanted to get up and take charge. No problem... we got pounded, and we got to swallow some cum!

Aleksa Nicole In Sexy Outfit

Aleksa Nicole here. I found this kinky little outfit with straps from the bra to the panties. It felt like something stroking my tummy, while I swayed on the couch. This is a 5 minute gonzo piece of me just showing off, and then spying one of my toys calling to me. My pussy was glad to see it... a pornstar's pussy is always glad to see something hard, that wants to come inside!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Aleksa Nicole, Diamond Foxxx, Melissa Jacobs Threesome

Diamond Foxxx and Melissa Jacobs join me, Aleksa Nicole, for a fun and free threesome backstage on the couch. Each of us gets her turn to give and receive, and leave big puddles. I have to say, for a backstage session this sure is nice and clear... especially when the camera is zooming on my bald pussy with the toys going in! This was pretty spontaneous and trust me, it's damn hot!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Aleksa Nicole Lesbian Threesome with Amy Brooke and Kelly Divine

Aleska Nicole fans, if you've always wanted to see me get, um, ''divided and conquered'' by my girlfriends... here it is! Amy Brooke and Kelly Divine pounce on me with toys in hand, and get me cumming in no time. After that I need a little break, so I join the pounce-ers. It's a lesbian threesome with no limits, and let me tell you... we got a little wild with the double penetration on those toys!

Aleksa Nicole's Secret Car Wash Ingredient

Aleksa Nicole likes to give my car washes with a special ingredient. It's 100% certified pussy wax, and all natural juices! I'm outdoors for this 18 minute gonzoe piece, with my ass against a car, exploring how much fun it is to masturbate in public. The verdict: I loved it. I shoved my fingers deep inside and the cameraman stared up from between my legs, catching everything, including my big breasts....

Aleksa Nicole Stairway Solo Footage

Aleksa Nicole here with a 10 minute gonzo bonus. Here's the video footage from my stairway breakdown... you know the one. Red lingerie, suddenly collapsing to pump my pussy with toys on the stairs? This set was beautiful. I could definitely see myself waking up freshly fucked and ready for more, in a place like this, every day. I hope you'll imagine me there every day, too, wishes do come true!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Aleksa Nicole In: Aleksa's Ass vs. James Deen: Requiem For An Anal Cherry

Aleksa is a kinky little nympho who LOVES rough sex! She also happens to be an anal virgin who desperately needs a big fat cock to tear her tight little asshole to shreds. Fortunately, James Deen happens to be stalking her and once he finds his way inside her home, it's an all-out anal assault, the likes of which, Aleksa and YOU the viewer, will NEVER forget!!!

Aleksa Nicole In: Fuck Off, You Ass!

Aleksa works for Tele-Hornies and she hates her job.... all day long she listens to guys jerking off to her voice but there's no one there to give her what she needs. Its's a good thing that her boss Mr. Strong came by to give her a little inspiration.... up the ass.